Compriband Installation Guide

Tremco Compriband Tape: Application Instructions

Joint Preperation

Ensure the joint is cleaned out and degreased using a cleaner if required. When weather-sealing joints with a very porous surface, use of a primer is reccomended.


Tear the adhesive strip off and unwind the Compriband tape, the release paper should be removed simultaneously.

Joint Variation

  • When installing in existing joint, a wedge is used to temporarily secure one end and, if necessary, the adhesive face is wetted to aid insertion of tape.
  • At joint intersection, Compriband is run fully in one direction and butted with small excess on both sides.
  • When installing windows, an excess is allowed at the end of each run by forming a small ‘wave’ and pressing each down to ensure a good seal at the corners.

Application Tempreture

It should be noted that Tremco Compriband may remain compressed for some time following the application. Special consideration must be taken when in low (below 10°C) or very high ambient temperatures.

*If you are installing the Compriband tape in hot or humid conditions, we recommend cooling the tape in the fridge prior to the application to slow the expansion rate of the foam. The expansion of Compriband can also be accelerated by heating (using indirect heat source) after application.*