TP651 Compriband Trip Tape

TP651 Compriband Trip Tape

Key Features

* Suitable for new-build and replacement installations
* Meets BS8213-4:2016 Code of Practice & GGF Guide to Good Practice – Installation of replacement windows and doors Maintains the energy rating of the window
* Resistance to driving rain (up to 600Pa), provides thermal and acoustic insulation and air tightness all in one product
* Meets CWCT test for site water tightness (TN41)
* Quick and easy window sealing in one application
* All-weather installation
* Breathable

Data Sheets

Compriband tape, a flexible foam product, boasts an infusion of UV-stabilised, acrylic-rooted resin. This resin not only repels water but also integrates a fire retardant. To simplify its first-time placement, the tape has a sticky side.

TP650 Compriband Trio
Brand: Tremco Illbruck

Usage / Purpose

Whether it’s for window perimeter seals or other applications, Compriband TP600 is an impregnated tape perfect for sealing various movement joints.


Light Grey: Subject To Minimum Order Quantities

Sizes Available

A wide range of sizes available, contact our sales team today: 01484 411 357.

Battling the fiercest of weather conditions, the Compriband tape exceeds in its role as an external sealant in both civil engineering and building scenarios. Its esteemed reputation in the UK is reinforced by its comprehensive BBA endorsement. (Cert 96/3309).

Air leaks in structures predominantly stem from gaps in the insulation of windows, doors, and walls. By expanding to snugly fill these gaps, the Compriband tape provides a watertight seal of at least 600 Pa, ensuring enhanced airtight, thermal, and acoustical insulation.

Available in various thicknesses and widths, Compriband is suitable for gaps up to 15mm.