TP652 Compriband Trio +

TP652 Compriband Trio +

Key Features

* Multi-functional and wide area of application
* 600 Pa, BG1 and BGR tested according to DIN 18542
* Complies with the requirements of the RAL assembly guidelines
* Wedge-shape for easy assembly
* Achieves 41 dB sound reduction, increasing to 61 dB if capping internally with SP525

Data Sheets

Made of a soft foam, Compriband tape is treated with a resin derived from acrylic and bolstered by UV stabilisation. This ensures the tape’s resistance to water and its fire-retardant quality. For ease during initial application, it features a self-adhesive edge.

TP652 Compriband Trio +
Brand: Tremco Illbruck

Usage / Purpose

For sealing movement joints in numerous applications, including window perimeter seals, Compriband TP600 stands out as a prime impregnated tape.


Light Grey: Subject To Minimum Order Quantities

Sizes Available

A wide range of sizes available, contact our sales team today: 01484 411 357.

The Compriband tape ensures a watertight seal against even the most adverse weather conditions. It’s the benchmark for many when considering an external weatherproofing solution in construction and engineering applications. With the backing of a full BBA accreditation, it’s a trusted name throughout the UK. (Cert 96/3309).

The primary reason for air infiltration in buildings is the lack of proper insulation at the junctures of windows, doors, and walls. Compriband tape addresses this issue by expanding to meticulously seal these gaps, offering a benchmark of 600 Pa watertightness and optimal airtight, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

Available in various thicknesses and widths, Compriband is suitable for gaps up to 36mm.