TP601 Compriband E

TP601 Compriband E

Key Features

* Factory or site application with activation within 3 months of installation
* 600 Pa weather resistance
* Applied before frame installation
* No hazardous waste or clean up

Data Sheets

Compriband tape is crafted from a soft, bendable foam enriched with a UV-protected, acrylic-based resin. Not only is this resin water-resistant, but it also incorporates a fire retardant. A self-adhesive facet of the tape ensures ease in initial placement.

TP601 Compriband E
Brand: Tremco Illbruck

Usage / Purpose

For diverse movement joints, including those around window perimeters, Compriband TP600 serves as an impregnated tape designed for sealing.


Light Grey: Subject To Minimum Order Quantities

Sizes Available

A wide range of sizes available, contact our sales team today: 01484 411 357.

Standing resilient against extreme wind and rain conditions, the Compriband tape fulfills many requirements as a top-tier external weather seal in the realms of building and civil engineering. Its stellar reputation across the UK is backed by full BBA certification. (Cert 96/3309).

Inadequate insulation around openings in windows, doors, and walls accounts for the lion’s share of air leaks in buildings. Compriband tape expands to adeptly fill these spaces, guaranteeing at least 600 Pa in watertightness and providing superior airtight, thermal, and sound insulation.

Available in various thicknesses and widths, Compriband is suitable for gaps up to 10mm.