TP450 Compriband Timber Max

TP601 Compriband E

Key Features

* Minimum 450 Pa weather resistance, 600 Pa with the three smaller sizes, to DIN EN 1027
* Accommodates up to 37 mm of joint movement within a maximum 50 mm wide gap
* Weather seal for wind-driven rain but breathable for vapour diffusion
* Can accommodate differential movement on timber frame construction up to 5 storeys
* Seals effectively – no remedial visits or wet sealants
* Continually expands and contracts to accommodate movement whilst still sealing the joints
* Long life expectancy

Data Sheets

Infused with an acrylic-based, UV-stabilised resin, Compriband tape is a malleable foam. This resin is resistant to water and includes a fire retardant. Additionally, the tape has a self-sticking side to assist in its preliminary positioning.

TP601 Compriband E
Brand: Tremco Illbruck

Usage / Purpose

Compriband TP600 is a treated joint sealing tape suitable for numerous movement joints, including the perimeter seals of windows and other similar tasks.


Light Grey: Subject To Minimum Order Quantities

Sizes Available

A wide range of sizes available, contact our sales team today: 01484 411 357.

The Compriband tape offers robust protection against even the harshest wind and rain conditions. It meets the majority of requirements for an external weather seal in both construction and civil engineering contexts. With complete BBA endorsement, it’s widely recognized and trusted throughout the UK. (Cert 96/3309).

Most air leakages in structures arise from insufficient insulation at gaps in windows, doors, and walls. The Compriband tape is designed to expand and flawlessly seal these gaps, offering a minimum of 450 Pa watertightness and ensuring airtight, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

Available in various thicknesses and widths, Compriband is suitable for gaps up to 50mm.