TP650 Compriband Trio

TP650 Compriband Trio

Key Features

* Suitable for new-build and replacement installations
* Maintains the energy performance of the window /door
* Driving rain resistant to 600 Pa, also providing thermal and acoustic insulation and airtightness in one product
* Quick and easy application
* Complies with BS8213-4:2016 CoP for survey and installation of windows and external doorsets
* Complies with GGF Guide to Good Practice – installation of replacement windows and doors
* Vapour permeable

Data Sheets

An acrylic foundation with UV stabilisation characterises the resin impregnated in the malleable foam of Compriband tape. This resin wards off water and has fire-retardant properties. Moreover, one side of the tape is self-adhesive, facilitating its early placement.

TP650 Compriband Trio
Brand: Tremco Illbruck

Usage / Purpose

Compriband TP600, impregnated for optimal sealing, is ideal for a myriad of movement joints such as those found around window edges and other related uses.


Light Grey: Subject To Minimum Order Quantities

Sizes Available

A wide range of sizes available, contact our sales team today: 01484 411 357.

The Compriband tape serves as a formidable barrier against severe weather, particularly strong winds and heavy rainfall. It’s the preferred choice for many seeking an external weather seal in construction and engineering fields. Its widespread acceptance across the UK is supported by its BBA certification. (Cert 96/3309).

Insufficient sealing between windows, doors, and wall openings is the leading cause of air leakages in buildings. The Compriband tape, when applied, expands to seamlessly fill these gaps, boasting a watertightness of at least 600 Pa and properties that enhance airtightness, thermal, and sound insulation.

Available in various thicknesses and widths, Compriband is suitable for gaps up to 15mm.